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About me

Here are stories of some of the most wild places on the planet and the wonderful people that I have encountered while exploring them.

​Project Croak took form when I was trampled by an elephant while on a tiger monitoring project on the Nepal border, escaping death by the skin of my teeth. As I recuperated, confined to the bed; several well-wishers visited and spoke of how dangerous the outdoors were and that these wild animals were out to kill us - and I felt that this was so far from the truth - I was more at risk when crossing the road than in any forest!


Thus, I felt the desire to share these heart-strumming experiences from the wild, and the science that helps us understand how the world works. 


I enjoy using an interdisciplinary approach to find solutions for wildlife conservation and social justice, combining my academic training in ecology, economics and sociology. 

I am currently in northeast India working with WWF-India on radio-collaring wild elephants and using behavioural science tools to create robust community institutions to secure human-elephant coexistence. 

arjun kamdar
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